This is the opening night/reception of the collaborative works of textile fiber and mixed media. The evening will feature many of the alternative styles of textiles which were created for this event. The art is representational of tension, stitches and machine.

The Red Herring

208 E 1st, Duluth MN

November 12, 2016
Opening reception
5pm – 8pm meet the artists

9pm-1am – Kathy McTavish mixed media


* Reflectivore:

* st1tch : : : performance:

* Ire Wolves:


Karen McTavish – Duluth, Minnesota

Kathy McTavish – Duluth, Minnesota

Frank Palmer – Orlando, Florida

Alexander Kain (BoyCraft) – Milwaukee, Wisconsin: @boycraft (Instagram)

Cheryl Dennison Duluth, Minnesota: @dennisonduluth (Instagram)

Scott Lunt Duluth, Minnesota: @starfireduluth (Instagram)